The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City

The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City (2018) Hindi Full Movie Download

The incidents shown in this slice-of-life flick, which are supposedly grim and a reflection of how life looks like, does not resonate with the audience whatsoever.

Cast & Crew
Director: Tariq Khan
Actor: Mahesh Bhatt, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Deepraj Rana, Neha Khan, Kay Kay Menon, Jyoti Malshe, Alisha Khan
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City (2018) Hindi Review:
Seven individual lives, all tangled in ways that over one, are grasped within the clutches of life’s inexorable difficulties that ultimately pushes them over the fence, prompting the majority the characters – Anand (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi), Parul (Jyoti Malshe), Kavya (Neha Khan), Warren Lobo (Deep rule Rana),Sumit Balsaria (Kay Kay Menon), Zulfiqar Hussain (Mahesh Bhatt), aristocrat (Avii) – to succumb to the blows of depression. ‘The Dark facet of Life: Bombay City’ is an endeavor to portray the shadowy facet of a giant town like Bombay and the way, so as to mix in with the gang and live up to their enthusiastically expectations, folks build irreversible mistakes before the realisation sets in this life during a jungle isn’t as rosy because it looks.

The incidents shown during this slice-of-life flick, that are purportedly grim and a mirrored image of however life seems like, doesn’t resonate with the audience some. plus a lacklustre script, is a few dangerous acting and shoddy filming. Mahesh Bhatt, United Nations agency plays the role of a longing father, is kind of the natural before of the camera. Kay Kay Menon, despite a weak story in hand, renders a performance that one would expect from a seasoned actor like him. remainder of the forged was pretty bland and didn’t evoke any sense of grief or pity for the stories they’re an element of and therefore the characters they essay on screen.

The Dark facet of Life: Bombay City’ has several enemies that kill its honest try towards highlight the dreaded issue of depression and suicide, and therefore the length of it’s one in all them. The reiterating theme song within the film, Aawargi, is employed as and once happy, that could be a massive sedative. And, the treatment of the sub-plots fail to justify every character’sdecision to finish their lives and therefore the sequent modification of heart, particularly as a result of their grief doesn’t translate into the screen the means it ought to have. If you’re new Bombay, this motion picture is probably a poor choice to communicate for understanding the heart beat of this vibrant town. ‘The Dark facet of Life: Bombay City’ is chaotic, haphazard. The drama could be a sum of everything and that is wherever it goes fully wrong.


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