Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

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Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

The director doesn’t try to spoof the genre’s tropes to elicit laughs but chooses to bring out the humour in other ways. It is this confidence that makes the film work.

Cast & Crew
Director: Deekay
Actor: Rupa Manjari
Release Date: 9 May 2014 (India)

Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Review:
Director Deekay’s Yaamirukka Bayamey is a remarkable film that mixes well-known rhetorical parts of the horror genre — a haunted house, make-shift site, a gory wanting ghost then on — with dry and adult humour. it’s a amazingly superior ‘horror-comedy’ that succeeds in endlessly exploiting our irrational worry of the unknown even whereas nudging United States to make fun of it.

The film is inhabited by eccentric characters caught in strange things — like Kiran (Kreshna), a conman, UN agency is pursued by a neighborhood don UN agency has male erecticle dysfunction once pop a pill that Kiran sells. Then, there’s a caretaker UN agency has compete the lead during a common smut film, a good-for-nothing rock-star god-man, associated an previous beggar whose flashback reveals that he was once romantically committed the ghost. Despite such a spread of characters, the film is idly founded — the primary twenty minutes simply do a purposeful job within the narrative and wreak quite weak section.

However, once we have a tendency to get past this stage, the film dashes quite well. It settles into an honest rhythm and explores varied angles. Most fascinating is that the ambiguity that exists till the halfway mark regarding whether or not the home is extremely haunted or if it’s all the handwork of somebody propulsion the wool over everyone’s eyes so as to grab the property.

The central plot itself is nothing new — Kiran, the conman, needs to develop his ancestral property in Kolliyur into a resort. He moves in together with his girlfriend (Rupa Manjari), a caretaker (Karunakaran) and his super-hot sister (Oviya). Soon, the guests begin to kick the bucket one by one.

We have seen this in many Hollywood movies — additional recently in James Wan’s The magic. In Yaamirukka Bayamey, we have a tendency to even have a ghost perked on high of cabinets, dramatically showing once somebody is peering through a key-hole, activity behind curtains or getting in someone’s body. however it works as a result of the film, thankfully, depends heavily not such a lot on visual effects to scare the audience however on engrossment on the fundamentals. Thus, we’ve sound to control feeling, visual imagination to form alarming static, and scene cuts that increase the stress to the most before the ultimate moment. The weak set-up is stipendiary for with a extremely amusing final act, wherever all the actors — particularly Kreshna and Karunakaran — flip in exceptional performances. All in all, this can be a fun summer film and will work no matter whether or not one believes within the supernatural or not.


Raj Mahal 4 (Yaamirukka Bayamey 2018) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download
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